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Voted Denmarks most beautiful village in 2011,


Sønderho is a small village with only 328 people, dated back to 1500. All of the well preserved old houses/ buildings, originate for the 1800, where Sønderho was the dominating sparkling seafaring town on the west coast. Within the second half of the 1800, the importance of Sønderho slightly decreases and the last new build is done in 1877


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Fund old Sønderho

In 1928 a group of summer guests and inhabitants of Sønerho decided that they would work actively to preserve the old Sønderho. Therefore they started a fund "Fonden Gamle Sønderho", which is Danmarks oldest conservation fund.

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Sønderho kro

Sønderho Kro anno 1722 is one of Denmarks oldest and best preserved In's, only a few meters from the dam in the heart of Sønderho, with a wiev overlooking the marsh and salt marsh is unique.


Fanø Salmon



Atlantic Fanoe

The build of Battery Graadyb north of Fanø began 1943 and was finally finished in 1945. The armament consisted of 4 pieces. 15 cm. naval guns, mounted in armored turrets with 2 guns in each tower. The guns came from the battleship Gneisenau where they functioned as a secondary reinforcement Two of these twin armored turrets were moved to Fanø after Gneisenau was badly damaged by an Allied bombing raid in July 1942

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Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea is a unique natural area where the water is replaced twice daily, spread over three countries and covers four Danish municipalities. It belongs to one of the 10 most important wetlands in the world and has in Denmark the status of wildlife and nature reservoir. It is a great and enriching natural and cultural area filled with experiences that will soon become a national park.

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